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How it Works: Virtual Classes

1. Decide which package works for you! We have many options:

    a. virtual party (with a virtual instructor)

    b. virtual party (without a virtual instructor) canvas is pre-drawn 

    c. party box which includes supplies for 5 people

2. Purchase your package and wait for your confirmation email with 

   further instructions. 

There are absolutely no refunds for kits purchased. Please be sure you are ordering the correct kit for your event

How It Works: Mobile Classes

1.  Click on the "Art Gallery" tab and select an art piece

2. Scroll over  the "More" tab and click "Book Party Now" and purchase your party

(Be sure to write the name of the piece and the Name the Party is under in the Notes)

3. Contact Oggy's P-Arty via e-mail at or phone: (678)-754-5090 to confirm your event

4. Grab your friends

5. Grab your favorite drink, We provide the rest!

6. At the end of the night you will have a beautiful painting worthy of any gallery space....or at least your kitchen

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How do I book a P-Arty?
A. Go to our facebook page or the "Art Gallery" tab and browse our album of available pictures to choose
from, then either shoot us an email or call us @ 678-754-5090.
All arrangements can be made via email or phone!

Q. How much does it cost to Book a party?
A. Mobile Classes are $35.00 per adult 16 x 20 canvas, 30 per adult for an 11 x 14 and $20.00 for an 8 x 10 canvas per child. Oggy's P-Arty can accomodate
up to 250 people. P-Arties greater than 60 can be accomodated for special events
or by request
Virtual Classes range from 30-45.00 depending on supplies needed (traditional 11 x 14 canvas board or canvas bag)

Q. What are the different types of parties offered?
A. P-Arties range from children P-Arties to any age adult P-Arties. Oggy's P-Arty is
available for any type of party you need both mobile and virtually 

Q. Am I able to book a P-Arty if I have no painting experience?
A. NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED!! Oggy's P-Arty specializes in unique masterpieces
that can be accomplished by people at all artistic levels

Q. What should I bring?
A. All P-Arties include supplies necessary for successfully creating your chosen
masterpiece except tables and chairs. Each person will go home with a completed picture after the duration
of the class. Just bring a friend and your favorite drink

Q. Is there a minimum requirement for a party?
A. At Oggy's P-Arty we ask that you at least have a party of 8

Q.What is the duration of each P-Arty?
A. Each P-Arty has an alloted time of 2hrs

Q.What if I have an idea for a picture?
A. Oggy's P-Arty takes all suggestions into consideration and picture suggestions
can be emailed to us @


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